Freedom From Workplace Bullies Week – October 16-22, 2016


Every October, on the third week of the month is recognized nationally as “Freedom From Workplace Bullies Week.” In the months prior to this event, advocates nationwide contact municipalities in their state to request proclamations in recognizing the effect workplace bullying has in our places of work.

The New York Healthy Workplace Advocates has been participating in this event since 2015 and have received over 80 Proclamations, some from the same municipality multiple times each year.

In a few weeks we will be making available the same documents we use to request proclamations, via our web site and facebook pages for you to make requests in recognition of “Freedom From Workplace Bullies Week.” A simple phone call to you local clerk’s office or an email to the same, is all it takes. Most of these Proclamations can be viewed on our Pintrest site here:

If you receive a Proclamation, all we ask is that a scanned color copy be sent to us via email so we can alert our New York State legislators to it come January 2017.

For all of use who have experienced this form of workplace abuse, a proclamation is a small, but contributing and rewarding step in our recovery from an abusive workplace.

If you have any questions, please send them to use at info at