Jill Penc

I’ve worked for NYS for 29+ years both in Syracuse and Albany. In September 2007 while employed in the Reception/Security Unit of the NYS Tax Department in Latham NY I was retaliated against for reporting severe security breaches to the NYS Department of Civil Service Suggestion Committee.

As soon as Tax was notified of my proposed suggestions my nightmare began. I was subjected to a brutal interrogation by Tax Labor Relations in October 2007 after being issued a “fictitious” Notice of Discipline. I was asked by the Tax Labor Relations Director what business it was of mine to report Security Breaches. My reply was “it was my job” as my 2 CSEA reps sat quietly next to me allowing the badgering to go on.

I was denied my due process by my assigned CSEA attorney after I cited the CSEA contract of a 30 day limit. My attorney’s response…”we never go by that.” During the 8 months before any inkling of a hearing I was ostracized by my Supervisors & co-workers in my Unit who preferred “brown nosing” to the “truth.” By the time I got a hearing I was already issued a second “fictitious” Notice of Discipline before the close of the first hearing most of those charges had already been dropped due to the fact that the accusations were false.

Upon turning 55 in December 2009, I was forced to retire on Disability retirement/Dr’s orders as I had been seeing my Doctor thru this entire event.

This statement is merely a synopsis of what I went thru. I pursued ALL of the NYS Agencies whose job it was to prevent events such as this from happening as well as AG Cuomo, Governor Paterson and a personal 15 minute timed meeting with Danny Donohue/CSEA President.

I also filed a lawsuit AFTER receiving a “right to sue” letter from EEOC. I filed indigent pro se and was DENIED legal advice 3 times as Judge Gary Sharpe stated that I was doing OK on my own, last April while in the process of moving I received a DENIAL of the case from the US District Court of Northern NY. I felt it futile & too stressful to go on to the Appeals process as I felt that that too would be a waste of time and energy both my physical & mental health have been permanently damaged by this totally unnecessary & unconstitutional ordeal.

Jill Penc



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