Support Verizon Workers!

May, 2016

Pass out Flyers to passing Motorists at Strike Locations and let them know about workplace bullying at Verizon!

Many employees of Verizon have come to Albany, NY to speak about the abusive working culture within telecommunications giant.  Two brave Verizon employees have allowed the New York Healthy Workplace Advocates to distribute their personal accounts to the public in the support of striking Verizon workers and the abusive work environments they face.

How can you make a difference?

1>  Look for a “Stand Up For Us” event in your area by typing in your zip code at the following web site:

Stand Up To Verizon!

2> Print out one or both of the following personal accounts and pass them out to passers-by and motorists at your nearest “Stand Up To Verizon” workers event near you!  It is that easy!

2016 Verizon Neis Dias PSA       2016 Verizon Tom Panetta

Let’s help show Verizon workers and its management that it is time to treat workers like human beings and allow them to work in an non-abusive and harassment free workplace!