Workplace Bullying is Personal, not Business!

Next Lobby Event:  Lobby Days I,  January 2021, Albany, NY


Due to the pandemic, lobbying in Albany will a bit different in 2021 with social distancing guidelines and the possibility of coming into contact with someone who may have Covid-19 and or be asymptomatic of infection.  We are highly encouraging people who wish to have their voices heard in Albany come January and beyond to write a statement of their experience about workplace bullying and/or sending us a statement why you would like to see the NYS Healthy Workplace Bill passed in 2021.  We will get these statements to all 213 legislators in Albany during the course of lobby season.  If in-person meetings will be possible, we may ask for a few people to accompany us to them and have you talk about your experience of being bullied in the workplace. Statements and interest at in-person meetings can be sent to:

Who are the New York Healthy Workplace Advocates?

We are current and former employees of companies who have experienced workplace bullying and want to do something about it.  Since 2006, hundreds of people have come to Albany to speak about their experiences, written personal accounts for legislators to understand the impact and health effects of it and lobbied for the Healthy Workplace Bill.   You can become an advocate too!  Contact us and volunteer to tell your story, write a personal account and get involved.



Work Shouldn’t Hurt!

Employees should have the right to a violence free workplace safe from all forms of harassment whether they be illegal  forms such as sexual harassment and legal forms such as workplace bullying.

How Prevalent is Workplace Bullying?

Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, Bill O’Reilly, what do they have in common?  They have been accused of sexual harassment.  Yet, did you know that workplace bullying is 4x more prevalent than sexual harassment? 

According to the Workplace Bullying Institute’s 2017 national survey on workplace bullying, over 60 MILLION employees are affected by workplace bullying each year.

Let’s put that into perspective, that is more people than the entire populations of the following states:

  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • California
  • Arizona
  • Utah
  • Nevada


 What is Workplace Bullying?

Learn what workplace bullying is and what it is not and how it affects your health

The Business Case to Stop Workplace Bullying

An employer could pay a productive employee for more than three years instead of allowing the bullying to happen. Is pretending the bullying isn’t happening really the easy way out?

Get Involved

How does a bill  become a law?  It takes phone calls, letters, meetings, endorsements among many activities.  We need you to help!

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