New York Healthy Workplace Advocates


  Workplace Bullying Institute -

Education and Research to Stop Bullying at Work

•  Bully Busters -

National Coordinators of U.S. State Legislative Initiatives to Stop Workplace Bullying

•  California Healthy Workplace Advocates -

The grassroots, Sacramento-based, group of individuals committed to passing anti-bullying legislation in the country's largest state. The first bill was introduced in 2003. This group will not rest until there is a law with a record of faithful enforcement. A WBTI-affiliated group. Website new in 2006.

  A Daily Dose of Happiness -

Inspirational and positive messages that you can sign up to have delivered via email that can help you look at life in a different way to get through the trauma of psychological violence in the workplace.

Citizen Lobbying Guide -

NYHWA will be creating a web page dedicated to the various ways individuals and groups across the state can get involved to promote the issue of psychological violence in the workplace and with the legislative effort as well.  In the meantime, the Citizen Lobbying Guide is a good start to some of the activities NYHWA will be making available.

 "Bullying In The Work Place"  by Diane Nobles published by "The Digital Word"  in an e-book form


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