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NYHWA Update, March 9, 2014


The New York Healthy Workplace Advocates ( are leading the effort in New York State to pass the Healthy Workplace Bill (HWB).

The current bill numbers for the HWB in New York State for the 2013-2014 legislative session are S3863 (in the NYS Senate) and A4965 (in the NYS Assembly).

The HWB addresses bullying in the workplace, defined as repeated: verbal abuse, psychological abuse, work interference and /or work sabotage that prevents work from getting done or some combination of the three.


1.       Press Conference – March 18th, 1 PM  -Albany, NY

2.       Press Conference – Call for Workplace Bullying Experiences

3.       Press Conference – Come Show Your Support

4.       How to Get to the LCA Room - Legislative Office Building for the Press Conference

5.       Lobby Days II – March 18th, 2014

6.       Results of Lobby Days I- January 27th and 28th, 2014

7.       Democratic Club of Richmond County Presentation

8.       Workplace Bullying Institute 2014 - Zogby Poll Prevalence Study

9.       SISFI Workplace Bullying Summit

10.   Niagara Falls Fire Department (IAFF, Local 528) issues Memorandum of Support

11.   Pittsford, NY issues Proclamation recognizing Freedom From Bullies Week

12.   Laborpress Article

13.   NYHWA YouTube Site

14.   Check us out at and on our Facebook and Pinterest sites


Press Conference – March 18th, 1 PM -Albany, NY

The New York Healthy Workplace Advocates (NYHWA) will hold a press conference on March 18th at 1 PM in the LCA Room of the Legislative Office Building in Albany, NY to discuss the recent Workplace Bullying Institutes latest prevalence study on workplace bullying.  An astonishing 93% of those surveyed stated they wanted to see legislation passed to address abusive work environments.  Joining us in Albany will be Senator Diane Savino and Assemblyman Steven Englebright, several unions and professional organizations to be announced shortly and several individuals who will speak very briefly about their experience. 

Please note there was supposed to be a press conference in New York City on March 10th that NYHWA was going to participate in.  This press conference was cancelled due to health issues of a member by the sponsoring organization. 


Press Conference – Call for Workplace Bullying Experiences

We have already announced the press conference via our Facebook page and asked people to submit their personal experiences for the media packet that will presented to the press.  If you would like your personal account to be a part of that packet, please send it to us no later than March 15th.  You can remain anonymous should you choose to do so, or provide contact information should a member of the press consider an article they would like to interview your for.   Please limit a personal account to no more than 4 pages so we can print them and to gain the interest of the media.  The more concise an account is written, the more interest the media may take in it.


Press Conference – Come Show Your Support

A Press Conference is an opportunity for the media to understand an issue of significance to the community.  If you are in the Albany area or can travel to the area, please come show your support on March 18th.  While we have several individuals who will speak at the event about their personal experience of workplace bullying, we welcome those that would like to stand in unison with our state legislators, unions, professional organizations and NYHWA at the front of the room for the media to take notice of.  Please consider that this press conference will appear on various television stations, YouTube and social media sites. 

We also welcome those that would like to stand in the room and hallways wearing T-shirts and holding banners and signs for the media to see (as long as they are in good taste).  The LCA Room in the legislative office building is not very large so feel free to show your signs and banners by lining the hallways if you have to. 


How to Get to the LCA Room - Legislative Office Building for the Press Conference

If you can join us for the press conference by standing in front of the room to support the effort, being a member of the audience or fill the room and hallways with signs supporting the need for the Healthy Workplace Bill, the following two web sites will help you find the LCA Room where the press conference is being held and nearby parking.

The web site below is an excellent map of the Empire State Plaza and will guide you to the Legislative Office Building where the press conference will be held:

On the right side of the map, is the "Legislative Lobby" where the security checkpoint is. Once you pass through security, you'll turn towards the Legislative Office Building (LOB) which is clearly labeled from a piece of glass that hangs from the ceiling.  The hallway turns left then right and then opens into a large area known as "The Well." Continue walking to the left of the granite staircase and take the escalator to the second floor.  Turn right at the top and we’ll in one of the LCA Rooms that are located there.  If you want to stand with the speakers at the press conference, we ask that you get to the LCA Room no later than 12:45.  The LCA Room is not very large and we have to ensure that the legislators and speakers that will be present can easily get to the podium to speak.

The following map outlines the various parking lots in and around the Empire State Plaza.

If you park underneath the plaza, parking can easily run $20 for the day. There are several lots off of Madison Avenue that the maximum daily rate is $10.  The more easily accessible lots are the labeled on the map as “Bus Visitor Parking” and “Cathedral Parking Lot” off of Madison Avenue.  If you park in either of these lots, walk to the overhand that you’ll see between the Museum and Empire State Plaza where concourse map will guide you to the Legislative Office Building


Lobby Days II – March 18th, 2014

NYHWA will hold the second of three Lobby Days events on March 18th prior to and after the press conference.  If you would like to speak about your personal experience at the various meetings we will have with state legislators and their staff members, please send an email to:  We will only have slots for a maximum of 4 people for this event. 


Results of Lobby Days I- January 27th and 28th, 2014

Lobby Days I was a resounding success with 13 legislators signing onto the Healthy Workplace Bill!  Eight members of the Assembly and five Senators have joined their colleagues in bringing the total sponsorship of the New York State Healthy Workplace Bill to 105 sponsors!  Presently there are eighty-six members of the Assembly signed on and nineteen Senators.

The following state legislators signed onto the Healthy Workplace Bill since the beginning of session this year:


Assemblyman Jeffrion Aubry
Assemblyman Karim Camara
Assemblywoman Martiza Davila
Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci
Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer
Assemblywoman Gabriella Rosa
Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda
Assemblywoman Michaella Solages
Assemblyman Phil Steck

Senator Kemp Hannon
Senator Ruth Hassel-Thompson
Senator Brad Hoylman
Senator Jose Serrano


Assembly (86 Sponsors)

SPONSOR Englebright (MS)



Colton, Gunther, Millman, Lavine, Jaffee, Schimel, Kellner, Rosenthal, Boyland,

Rivera, Robinson, Pretlow, Weprin, Lupardo, Moya, Abbate, Roberts,

Benedetto, Titone, Miller, Ortiz, Dinowitz, Hevesi, Russell, Goldfeder, Jacobs,

Wright, Mosley, Borelli, Skoufis, Peoples-Stokes, Steck, Mayer, Aubry, Rosa



Arroyo, Brennan, Brindisi, Camara, Ceretto, Clark, Cook, Crespo, Curran,

Cusick, Cymbrowitz, Davila, Duprey, Fahy, Galef, Giglio, Goodell, Gottfried,

Hooper, Johns, Katz, Lentol, Lifton, Lupinacci, Magee, Malliotakis, Markey,

McDonald, McDonough, McKevitt, McLaughlin, Montesano, Nojay, O'Donnell,

Paulin, Perry, Ra, Raia, Ramos, Rodriguez, Saladino, Scarborough, Sepulveda,

Solages, Stec, Sweeney, Tedisco, Thiele, Titus, Weisenberg


Senate (19 Sponsors)




Addabbo, Avella, Carlucci, Dilan, Espaillat, Hannon, Hassell-

Thompson, Hoylman, Kennedy, Krueger, Latimer, Maziarz,

Parker, Peralta, Perkins, Sampson, Serrano, Stavisky


If you do not see your Assemblymember and Senators names listed below as sponsors of the NYS Healthy Workplace Bill, call or visit their office to find out why and encourage them to sign on.

The League of Women Voters has an excellent web page to verify who your State Senator and Assemblymember are if you type in your zip + 4 code.  If you do not know your 4 digit “+4” code, you can look it up using the same web page.  The page can be found at:  


Workplace Bullying Institute 2014 - Zogby Poll Prevalence Study

The Workplace Bullying Institute, OnLock and 93 Indigogo sponsors funded the 2014  -Zogby Poll Workplace Bullying survey prevalence study.  Some of the major findings of the study include:


·  Men are more likely to be bullies than women

·  Men bully women 57% of the time

· Women bully women 68% of the time

· 61% percent of the time, a target loses their job due to workplace bullying

· 72% of employers deny, discount, encourage, rationalize or defend workplace bullying

· 93% of respondents support the enactment of the Healthy Workplace Bill


The complete and in-depth report can be reviewed and downloaded at:


Democratic Club of Richmond County Presentation

A representative of NYHWA recently made a presentation about the Healthy Workplace Bill at a monthly meeting of the Democratic Club of Richmond County (Staten Island).  After the presentation the group unanimously passed a motion to issue a Memorandum of Support for the bill.

If you belong to a Democratic or Republican group, please consider asking your group to issue a Memorandum of Support for the Healthy Workplace Bill, citing the bill numbers S3863 / A4965.  We need your support.

The Healthy Workplace Bill has had bipartisan support from its onset, with prime sponsors and co-sponsors from both major political parties.

Please send a copy of your Memorandum of Support to


SISFI Workplace Bullying Summit

SISFI is hosting a 5 week session on Workplace Bullying starting Monday, March 10th. The times are listed below and the call in number to his live radio talk show is: (347)-989-8875. Brett does a wonderful job and also invites many informative guests on his show.  If you are interested in the topic of each show or have something to contribute to the conversation, please listen or call in. 


· Mon. March 10, 8pm, part 1. Introduction to Workplace Abuse/Bullying/Violence

· Mon. March 17th, 8pm, part 2. The Criminality and Victimology of Workplace Abuse

· Wed March 26th 8pm, part 3. The Victim, A look at the life of and struggles dealing with Workplace Abuse

· Mon March 31st, 8pm, part 4. The Laws and Legalities of Workplace Abuse

· Monday April 7th, 8pm, part 5. How to handle Abuse in the Workplace, prevention and documentation "Workplace Abuse Victimology Empowerment Summit", Tuesday April 22nd, 1-4pm


Niagara Falls Fire Department, International Association of Firefighters, Local 528 (IAFF) issues Memorandum of Support

IAAF, Local 528 that represents the Niagara Falls Fire Department issues a Memorandum of Support for the Healthy Workplace Bill.  This memorandum is unique and significant as firefighters are our first responders to health emergencies, fires and medical assistance.  The City of Niagara Falls has 56,000 resident but estimates range that 12-14 million visitors come to the area every year.  First responders need the full capacity of their physical and mental facilities and clarity of mind to overcome fear through fortitude to serve and protect all…including those that create abusive work environments. 

Please consider contacting the unions that represent firefighters in your localities, including volunteer firefighting organizations.  While volunteer firefighters will not be covered by the Healthy Workplace Bill, do you want the person risking their life to save yours or a loved one being subjected to an abusive work environment?  


Pittsford, NY issues Proclamation recognizing Freedom From Bullies Week

Pittsford, NY recently issued a Proclamation recognizing “Freedom From Workplace Bullies Week” that we received a few weeks ago.  While the event took place in October 2013, we sincerely thank and recognize Pittsford, NY and those responsible for making this document possible.  The Pittsford, NY Proclamation can be found on our Pinterest site at:


Laborpress Article

A NYHWA article that had previously appeared in the Laborpress online in December 2013 has just been published in the current print edition of the magazine, Vol. 3 No. 1 2014.  If you receive Laborpress, please look for the article on page 51 of the current issue.

The article can also be viewed online at,225PT,BV4SZV,7FCF8,1



NYHWA YouTube Site

YouTube has recently changed its policy denoting the length of videos and removed the 2011 and 2012 press conferences.  We are in the process of getting them online again as the 2012 press conference is once again available to be reviewed at:


The 2011 press conference video will be online shortly with the 2014 to follow after March 18th.


Check us out at and on our Facebook and Pinterest sites


To learn more about the legislative effort and to keep current with our activities, please visit us at and and


Thank you for your interest and assistance in the effort to pass legislation to address workplace bullying in New York State!


Workplace Bullying:  It’s PERSONAL, not Business