New York Healthy Workplace Advocates

NYHWA is introducing a new section to the web site called "Personal Stories."  The section is dedicated to people willing to reveal a synopsis of their workplace bullying experiences that include health effects, career impact, affect on friends and family among other possibilities. 

These stories will also give the reader a number of different tactics used by workplace bullies to compare your own experience to others in documenting your encounters with such individuals. 

The reader should note that in some of these stories, physical abuse and assault by the bully was encountered.  Should you encounter a similar experience, please note that you do have rights under present law in most cases to at least file a police report of the incident and consult an attorney to see if the situation warrants their assistance.

Should you be interested in writing a synopsis of your story, please send them to and we will work with you on editing the details of your account so we can place them on the web site.